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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Macrobiotic Counseling?         

This is an opportunity to meet with Patrick to discuss your health concerns in a confidential and professional setting. Following an evaluation, a review of your medical history and current health issues, Patrick presents dietary and lifestyle recommendations specific to your needs and condition. Clients receive a comprehensive booklet of practical information which includes recipes, food selections and cooking instructions. Patrick eliminates the guesswork by identifying the essential points that will truly benefit you. The recommendations are organized in a clear and concise format that you can understand and appreciate. Discovering at the beginning what you need to know pinpoints and illustrates the value and efficacy of macrobiotic counseling.

How long does a consultation last, and how often must I have one?

Individual consultations last 75-90 minutes, couple and family require a minimum of 2+ hours. The health condition of the client determines the frequency of visits. Serious or complicated health issues initially warrant more frequent interactions. Counseling provides the direction, guidance, and support that clients need to maintain focus in their macrobiotic practice. As your health improves your condition changes. Subsequent consultations provide the opportunity to update recommendations in response to those changes and to monitor overall progress.

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?

Absolutely. You are encouraged to bring whoever supports your efforts to improve your health and with whom you feel comfortable. Family and friends who attend are often inspired to initiate changes in their own health. A growing network of support can ease the transition and make it more enjoyable for all involved.

What happens after the consultation?

The consultation should be viewed as the initial step in an ongoing educational process.

All clients are encouraged to participate in educational activities, especially macrobiotic cooking classes. Education is the key to a successful practice and studying with an experienced teacher is invaluable. As an introduction to those activities, contact information will be provided whenever possible. As part of professional services, Patrick responds promptly to follow up phone and e-mail correspondence.

Does practicing macrobiotics interfere with allopathic treatments?

The main purpose of macrobiotic counseling is to introduce the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. When attempting to improve their health, many people choose to blend therapies that include techniques representative of both alternative and conventional sources. It remains at the discretion of the client exclusively to ascertain how and when that may be accomplished. The invitation is to examine how diet and lifestyle changes can enhance the recovery process. It is not required nor suggested that any client curtail any professional medical advice or treatment that they are currently following.

Why do people seek macrobiotic counseling with Patrick?

Many people have consultations in response to a health crisis; while others are exploring sensible options to improving their health. Most clients understand the importance of diet in relation to their health, and recognize the wisdom of seeking an experienced and knowledgeable counselor for advice and guidance. Whether working with individuals, couples, families or groups everyone is treated with complete attention, compassion, encouragement and professionalism for which Patrick is known. The potential for quality health is a natural result of anyone willing to take responsibility for it. A creative and practical approach is the hallmark of Patrick’s health counseling.


What happens in treatment and how is shiatsu performed?

During a treatment, stretching and gentle pressure are employed to activate the circulating energy or “ki” in the body. Pressure is applied with fingers, palms, forearms and occasionally feet to the meridians which are located on the surface of the body. The meridians respond to contact, exchanging and integrating environmental energy with our physical bodies. Throughout the session, the client is positioned comfortably in a variety of seated and lying postures to maximize the rejuvenating properties of shiatsu.

How can receiving Shiatsu improve health?

Steady pressure caringly applied to the body releases energy from deep within, thus replacing fatigue with vitality. Shiatsu encourages a genuine sense of relaxation, which restores our ability to receive and absorb essential nutrients from our environment. Shiatsu facilitates what we are capable of being: physically vibrant, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced. You need only to access your energy to change how you feel. It is a misconception that there is ever a lack of energy.

Why do people get treatments?

Shiatsu relieves stress, fatigue, anxiety and tension; sciatica and back pain; headaches, sinus congestion, neck and shoulder problems; tight muscles and stiff aching joints; constipation, poor digestion, and abdominal distention. Treatments strengthen immune system response; improve menstrual and reproductive irregularities including diminished libido; enhance circulation and respiratory functions. Shiatsu can be used to address both acute and chronic health issues. 

How does shiatsu differ from other types of bodywork?

Faithful to its Asian origins, shiatsu is by design a therapeutic modality. Meridians are energetic pathways that nourish an organ. By applying pressure to points on the meridians, we are able to manipulate the flow of energy and thus influence the condition of the organ. Cosmetic improvements are not the intended result, yet everyone looks and feels better after a treatment. Shiatsu shares the same infrastructure and theoretical basis as acupuncture, yet differs because shiatsu is non invasive. Unlike other forms of bodywork, clients remained fully clothed during shiatsu treatments.

How long do sessions last and how often can you receive shiatsu?

Shiatsu sessions last approximately one hour which includes time for questions, answers and discussion of any relevant treatment related issues. Frequency of sessions is decided on an individual basis and is discussed upon completion of the initial treatment.


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