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Macrobiotic Health Counseling

Health is our most valuable personal resource influencing virtually every aspect of our lives. Through quality health we can enjoy a natural balance between work and play, activity and rest, current demands and future goals, and individual desires and relationship needs. Everyone wants to be healthy. Our intuition tells us that a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a positive mental attitude are important. When we embrace the simplicity of macrobiotics better health becomes accessible. Remarkably adaptive to individual needs, uncommonly preventative in composition, macrobiotics has emerged as the most significant contribution to human health and well being in modern times. 

The universal consumption of predominately plant quality foods historically identifies the human culinary experience. This tradition continues today embodied in the spirit of macrobiotics. Relevant and refreshing, macrobiotics establishes the role of natural foods, especially whole grains and fresh seasonal vegetables, in the creation of health and vitality. Nutritionally complete, medically and scientifically endorsed, ecologically and environmentally responsible, the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle affords everyone the opportunity to improve and enhance their health: physically, emotionally and mentally.

Shiatsu Therapy

Energy is life, a vibrating pulse we receive and absorb through the meridian network. Touch is inherent to the biological experience allowing us to “feel” our way through life. The art of shiatsu is an innovative healing therapy that illuminates these two fundamental aspects of human existence. The physical pressure achieved through conscious touch permits us to alter the quantity of this intrinsic life force pulsating through the meridians. The ensuing balance provides an unparalleled sense of connectedness and wellbeing.

SHIATSU – there is nothing quite like it!


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